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Common types of lining templates are: integral mobile formwork trolley, traversing (split moving) formwork trolley, and assembled arching formwork.1, the overall mobile template trolley
Common types of tunnel lining templates

2019-02-25 08:36:00

(1) The secondary lining construction (including the widening section) should adopt the whole lining trolley with full hydraulic automatic walking. The lining trolley should have accurate structural dimensions, and all kinds of telescopic components, hydraulic system and electrical control system should run well. Supporting mechanism; should meet the requirements of automatic walking, and have a locking device to ensure accurate positioning
Key points for making tunnel lining formwork trolley

2019-02-25 08:36:00

[Students' questions] Manufacturing requirements for passenger-dedicated railway tunnel formwork trolleys?[Answer] The outer contour of the 1 template trolley should ensure the clearance of the tunnel after concrete is poured. The clearance of the structure of the gantry should ensure the safe passage of vehicles and personnel in the tunnel.
Manufacturing requirements for formwork trolleys
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